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[CNPq Lattes cv]


PhD Student in Computer Science - Feb. 2008

University College London Department of Computer Science London, UK

Title: A Model Driven Approach for Software Reliability Prediction

Advisors: David Rosenblum and Sebastian Uchitel

Master in Computer Science - July 2002 - Center of Informatics, UFPE Brazil.

Title: UORB - A Comprehensive CORBA Model for Embedded Systems

Advisors: Carlos Andrˇ Guimar‹es Ferraz and Sˇrgio Vanderlei Cavalcante

Bachelor in Computer Science - July 1999 - University of Brasilia - Brazil

Title: Javaflow.

Advisor: Fernando Albuquerque

Research Interest

I like doing research as it always gives me the chance to find out about new studies, keep myself up-to-date, or at least try to, considering the amount of new ideas that appear every day. But doing research has also its down side when it shows me the more I know, the more I know what I don't know. But well, in spite of my admitted ignorance about so many subjects, I list some of the areas I have spent some time working on: (but of course not limited to :)