My research interests focus the development of Intelligent Information Systems, specially using multi-agent systems approach, covering aspects of intelligent agent interaction protocol associated to other technologies such as complex events simulation and data mining, applied to different domain areas, such as Bioinformatics, Computer Forensics, Environmental Analysis. Some of the topics I have been working can be found in my publication list (last 5 years). A research group was created to connect research in the cited areas entitled Computer Systems for Information and Knowledge Treatment, I am the research group leader at the CNPq (The Brazilian National Council of Scientific and Technological Development), which is composed of twenty four students and six researchers.

I develop my research with undergraduate (PIBIC Program), Master and PhD candidates from the Postgraduate Program in Informatics of the Department of Computer Science (PPGInF) and Program of Electronic Systems Engineering and Automation (PGEA). My students can develop their studies at the COMNET Lab in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Brasília. Students interested in the cited research areas please contact me.