Intelligent Agent-Oriented Solution for Glycemic Control of Inpatients in ICU - Solução Orientada a Agentes Inteligentes para Controle Glicêmico de Pacientes Internados em UTI

O livro apresenta o conteúdo da dissertação de mestrado do discente Tiago Henrique Faccio Segato, egresso do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Informática da UnB, orientado pela Profa Celia Ghedini Ralha.

This book presents a solution based on intelligent agents for glycemic control (MAS4GC - Multi-agent System for Glycemic Control) of critical ICU patients, glycemic control is included in the mnemonic FAST HUG, which is used to remind health professionals of the essential items in the treatment and support of critically ill patients. More specifically, MAS4GC manages the glycemia of patients through glycemic predictions, in addition to making recommendations for monitoring and treatment of health professionals. Prediction models are applied to monitor the blood glucose levels of patients, allowing health professionals to perform preventive follow-ups. The recommendations are based on the mechanisms of inference of the agents that act with rules of production, according to the knowledge of a physician specialized in intensive care. The process of methodological development of MAS4GC is presented through Tropos modeling, architectural design, and implementation with the PADE framework.

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